Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Computer hackers, located in the United States & Canada, are engaged in a massive illegal program, to remove all the articles detailing the prominent role of  Northland Wealth Management, Inc., of Ontario, in the Cayman Gang of Four scandal, involving the theft of an estimated $450m, on deposit, and in securities. Northland is a defendant in a Superior Court of Ontario civil suit, seeking information about the alleged theft, and unexplained disappearance of client assets, for which Northland had a fiduciary responsibility.

Northland President Paul Mascard

Witnesses have asserted that Northland's president, Paul Mascard, explicitly permitted client accounts to be looted, and cleaned out, by the financial fraudsters known as the Cayman Gang of Four, four Cayman Islands-based financial service professionals, three of whom, including the Canadians, Ryan Bateman and Derek Buntain, and the Isle of Man native, Sharon Lexa Lamb, are on the run, and reportedly in hiding. Due to the magnitude of the theft, these gangsters could face a life sentence, in the United States, for extensive money laundering, and racketeering (RICO) charges, among others.

Sharon Lexa Lamb

The hackers have attempted to enter some of the websites that feature the articles about the Northland case, in a futile effort to delete them, or crash the site. They have filed bogus claims for copyright infringement against website operators, and have hacked into email accounts, obtaining confidential information, which they have used to change ownership of websites.

Fortunately, this blog, and a number of websites that regularly republish articles about the Northland scandal, remain operational, notwithstanding that a number of dirty tricks have been attempted against the whistleblowers, and webmasters, who post the stories the hacker's employer does not want you to see.

Some IT professionals, who have been following the hacker's activities, believe that the goal is to find a way to close down the websites which carry the Northland scandal articles, before the Court imposes embarrassing and punitive sanctions upon the corporation, for its failure to furnish its former client with his account records. News of such sanctions, if it appears in the mainstream Canadian financial media, could affect Northland's reputation, in the wealth management industry, and result of the loss of clients.

We cannot say who engaged these hackers, who are closely monitoring all the articles, and repeatedly visiting them on the Internet, in a futile effort to take them down, but due to the focused nature of the hack attempts, you are invited to draw your own conclusions.  

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