Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Saturday, October 8, 2016


Paul Mascard
Lawrence Heath, the plaintiff in the case of Heath vs. Northland Wealth Management, Inc., currently pending in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, has asserted, repeatedly, that Paul Mascard, the CEO of Northland, definitively told him that the Cayman Islands Shell Company, B & C Capital, Ltd., was a reputable, well established bank in the Caymans. Mascard made this statement, in a personal meeting with Mr. Heath, when he informed him that his wealth, including cash and securities, was being transferred from Dundee Merchant Bank, which was closing for violations of Cayman banking laws, to B & C.

Mascard did NOT tell Mr. Heath that B & C Capital:

(1) Had no banking license, anywhere in the world, nor was any application for a license pending anywhere.
(2) Was, in truth and in fact, an offshore  shell company, with no assets, no legitimate business, and no prospects.
(3) Had declared itself to be an Exempt Company, under Cayman law, which meant it was outside the jurisdiction of the country's regulator. the Cayman islands Monetary Authority (CIMA).
(4) was owned and operated by the Canadian securities trader Ryan Bateman, whose "colorful" career included securities fraud allegations in his native Alberta,  and dodgy oil lease investments, and who was himself a fugitive from justice in the Cayman Islands, he having failed to return, to face criminal charges, in late 2014.

As we have repeatedly demonstrated, by appending the document to our articles, Mascard tendered to Mr. Heath, an "Exhibit" (to an agreement which Northland refuses to produce), which stated that B & C Capital, Ltd., is a "financial institution." That is fraud upon its face, and is sufficient grounds for the revocation of all securities licenses Paul Mascard holds, as well as those of Northland Wealth Management. That information has reportedly been turned over to the Ontario Securities Commission, to conduct an investigation, and law enforcement agencies in Ontario.

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