Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Sharon Lexa Lamb, who stole hundreds of millions of dollars from clients, while she was Senior Vice President of Dundee Merchant Bank, with the help of William Tynkaluk, the director at Leon Frazer & Associates, Inc., and the principals at Northland Wealth Management, Inc., is a real piece of work. This cashiered banker, who has gone into hiding, has now sunk to a new low in dirty tricks.

Due to the suit filed against her,and the pending criminal investigations, she reportedly cannot open new bank accounts in the world's tax havens any more, making it difficult for her to conceal the money she stole from her victims. Lamb has sent letters to law enforcement agencies, regulatory authorities, and government, in a dozen countries, trying to discredit the victims, and the whistleblowers, and seeking to destroy their reputations, and credibility. She has thrown bogus money laundering charges around, desperately trying to shoot the messenger.

Lamb then sent poison pen email letters, to all the regulators in the British Virgin Islands, where she had formed a corporation for one of her victims, 90-years old Lawrence Heath, alleging that the retired Canadian attorney was laundering money. Of course, the regulators now have asked the financial professional now handling heath's corporation for more than 40 documents, to verify his legitimate status, and the source of his funds. Lawrence Heath is a Queen's Counsel, and a prominent attorney; This was done with malice aforethought.

What Lamb did was not only time-consuming and expensive for the victims, it was despicable. She deserves what every fraudster who launders the proceeds of crime through US banking centers should get: a 20-year prison term, to keep her from defrauding any other clients. Personally, I prefer that she receive a life sentence, due to the gravity of her offenses, because there is no parole in the US any more. She would die in Federal Prison; I think her victims would agree.  

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