Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Sharon Lexa Lamb has asserted, in a civil suit against her, brought by a retired Canadian Queen's Counsel, that she had written authority to transfer his securities, and cash on deposit, given to her by Northland Wealth Management, Inc., a Canadian broker-dealer handling the victim's account. These allegations, if shown by documentary evidence that Lamb says she received, would conclusively prove up a breach of fiduciary duty, owed to the victim, by Northland, and its two principal officers, Paul Mascard and Arthur Salzer.

Lamb was, at that time, the Senior Vice President & Director of an offshore Cayman islands bank, Dundee Merchant Bank, which was reportedly falling into insolvency, and she warranted, in writing, to the victims, that  B & C Capital, Ltd. was a "bank." In truth and in fact, it was a shell company operated by a notorious white-collar criminal (and present fugitive), Ryan Bateman. The funds shortly thereafter disappeared, and have never been recovered. Lamb also made a similar statement to the Cayman press, which was covering the Cayman civil case, and which interviewed her, regarding what she regarded was her defense to the theft charges.

Sharon Lamb

Both Northland Wealth Management, and its officers, and Sharon Lexa Lamb, appear to be strictly liable, jointly and severally, to the victim, for he never approved any such transfers, as both had a fiduciary responsibility to safeguard, and protect, client assets. Plaintiff has a pending civil suit, in Canada, against Northland, in which he demands complete records of his accounts, and of all transactions. Northland has, to date, refused to turn over relevant records, and reportedly been totally uncooperative. Previous dealing with the firm revealed that it did not have a properly qualified, trained and experienced compliance officer on its staff.

Arthur Salzer

It is not known whether the Ontario Securities Commission, or Canadian law enforcement, is presently investigating Northland Wealth Management, the defunct Dundee Merchant Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dundee Corp., or Leon Frazer & Associates, Inc., the other broker-dealer involved in the disappearance of victim accounts and securities.

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