Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Cayman Gang of Four ringleader, Sharon Lexa Lamb has fled Grand Cayman; efforts to locate her anywhere in the Cayman Islands have proven fruitless. While she may have quietly made passage to the Republic of Cuba, where she obtained residency last year, through a marriage of convenience, her exact whereabouts are unknown.

Miss Lamb may have fled ahead of the release of damaging disclosures, in the liquidation proceedings involving the defunct shell company, B & C Capital, Ltd., to the effect that B & C was insolvent. at the time that Lamb, and Dundee Bank President, Derek Hedley Longworth Buntain, illegally transferred millions of dollars of client money to the company.

 As the Senior Vice President of Dundee Bank, at that time, Lamb breached her fiduciary duties, when she processed the transfers, and she is a defendant in a civil suit presently pending before the Grand Court. She is also a person of interest in other civil suits, pending elsewhere, and the subject of a criminal investigation.

Sources in the Isle of Man, Lamb's country of origin, have not seen her recently on the island. One source in Grand Cayman says she has now returned to the islands, but is in hiding.


  1. Sharon Lexa Lamb, pay your lawyers in Cayman Islands so that they will proceed with defending you. For someone impersonating a lawyer; you must have gotten your law degree from the University of Hard Knowledge on Isle of Man.

    What everyone has read is that Mr. Rijock will not post anonymous remarks from your mentally deficient brother and you.

    You are going to prison Ms. Lamb and with your partners.

  2. Andrei SlavenkovJuly 25, 2016 at 8:12 AM

    I am fully disgusted with individuals to pretend to be human and steal from the elderly who are too old, sick and feeble and the worst of the scum and vermin that I have seen in years are the Cayman Gang of Four.

    They looted the savings of Alexander Shearson who is an American Resident now living in a group home in Florida.

    Read the information and today we will be publishing documented evidence as to how the looted occurred.

  3. I read in one of your articles that the Cayman Gang forged bank documents and wire transfer directions. The banks in Cayman have had more fraud in the past few years and the authorities protect the crooks. Cayman is and always has been a Fraudster Paradise.

    Tax Cheats, Criminals like Ryan Bateman and many other thieves survive in Cayman. Cayman needs another major hurricane to wash the corruption out to the sea.

  4. David Wessex-DearmanJuly 25, 2016 at 6:18 PM

    Mr. Rijock, Sharon Lexa Lamb (Sherry) had everyone fooled with her sex exploited antics in Bermuda and also Grand Cayman and everyone on the island knows that she was dismissed for embezzlement of money from clients of Dundee Merchant Bank.

  5. For the record, this week,Sharon Lamb stated that she was going to ride in an open convertible in Grand Cayman yesterday, but she did not appear.

    1. Kenneth, maybe she is working hard to return the $2 million USD she stole from Alexander Shearson. Maybe she is finally getting a guilt complex but I thought it. Her manner of criminal is demented about money.

  6. Sharon Lamb was sending me filthy stuff about Wanted, Heath & you trying to enlist my aid but I refused to become embroiled with her crimes. I have reviewed all the files and articles and she is most definitely directly taken the money from the elderly investors through this false bank B&C Capital (Cayman). Maybe she was duped also in believing this fairy tale, but I doubt it.


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