Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Lamb, Bateman, Buntain
The Cayman Gang of Four, two of whom are Canadians, are reportedly scheduled to be subpoenaed, to provide testimony in court, in the two cases filed against Northland Wealth Management, Inc., and Leon Frazer & Associates, Inc., by a retired attorney-plaintiff whose multi-million dollar accounts are missing, due allegedly to the criminal actions of the Gang, and a breach of fiduciary duty, as to the two Canadian wealth management corporate defendants. The plaintiff is a former client of the two defendant corporations.

 Both Canadian cases, pending in the Province of Ontario, involve demands for the plaintiff's client records, which the defendants have either refused to provide, or have alleged were turned over, by  Northland and Leon Frazer, to the Cayman Gang of Four. The matter has also been turned over to the Ontario Securities Commission.

The Cayman Gang of Four, who, without authorization and consent, looted the plaintiff's accounts, and stole his funds, and securities, are:

(1) The Canadian Stock trader, and current Cayman Islands fugitive, Ryan Bateman, who has been accused of theft of accounts of Canadian pensioners, while operating a shell company, named B & C Capital, Ltd., in Grand Cayman. Bateman is believed to be frequently visiting his home in the province of Alberta.

(2) The former Dundee Merchant Bank President & Director, Canadian Derek Buntain. A Prince Edward Island native, Buntain has reportedly gone into hiding, and is believed to be living with his son Angus, in the Province of Ontario.

(3) The Isle of Man Manxman, Sharon Lexa Lamb (who has been known under other names),  the former Senior Vice President and Director of Dundee Merchant Bank. Lamb resides in the Cayman Islands, but also holds residency in the Republic of Cuba, obtained through marriage. Lamb is a defendant, along with Dundee Merchant bank, in a civil action,pending in the Cayman Islands, by the plaintiff in both Canadian cases.

(4) The Portuguese national, Fernando "Moto" Mendes, the present Managing Director of the defunct Bateman Group of shell companies.  Mendes' passport is said to be invalid, and he resides in the Cayman Islands.

The members of the Cayman Gang of Four, Northland Wealth Management, and Leon Frazer, have either denied liability, or placed the blame upon one of the other defendants. Hearings have been already scheduled on both Ontario cases.

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