Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Inasmuch as the matter is now in litigation, it is now time to begin analyzing the schemes the Cayman Gang of Four implemented, in carrying out their four hundred million dollar theft of the assets of over sixty elderly Canadian pensioners. This may assist the reader in understanding the scope of the criminal conspiracy.  We shall, in this and following articles, detail the involvement of the two Canadian brokerage houses,  Leon Frazer & Associates, Inc.,  and Northland Wealth Management, Inc., as participants in the fraud.  

First of all, the Cayman Gang of Four's ringleader, Sharon Lexa Lamb, had previously assisted Leon Frazer for several years, before then- LF Director William "Bill" Tynkaluk tricked the victims, who were LF clients, into thinking that the Canadian government would soon impose new, Draconian taxes upon their wealth. Gang member Derek Buntain, as the CEO of Dundee Merchant Bank, was also known at Leon Frazer. Some observers have begin calling William Tynkaluk the fifth member of the Cayman Gang of Four, as he appears to be the architect, and supervisor, of the complex scheme to defraud the victims, and take a large share of the profits illegally earned from trading victims' assets, for himself, or for Leon Frazer.

Tynkaluk advised the sixty pensioners, who were LF clients, to move their account to Northland Wealth Management, who would properly move their assets into the Bank of Butterfield, offshore, as a tax avoidance measure. Northland would handle their accounts, as their owners were former LF staff members, and Tykaluk recommended them. (Tynkaluk has been accused of stealing bearer securities, valued at over $10m, from one of the Gang of four victims, but we will cover this in detail, in a subsequent article.)

In order to give the victims a measure of confidence, a member of the Cayman Gang of Four, Derek Buntain, would regularly meet with the victims at Northland Wealth Management's principal offices, located in Ontario. Bill Tynkaluk would also meet them there; the purpose of these meetings was ostensibly to brief the victims on the safe placement of their wealth in individual accounts Butterfield, although, in truth and in fact, the money was being held, first, in Dundee's accounts, not the victims, and then transferred, illegally, into B & C Capital Ltd,. a shell company, with no assets, controlled by the fugitive fraudster, the Canadian trader and Gang member, Ryan Bateman.

Therefore, for Northland Wealth Management to claim that it had no involvement in any illegal and unauthorized transfer of client funds to B & C Capital, is untrue; Follow this:

(1) Gang members personally used Northland offices in furtherance of the scheme to defraud.
(2) Northland told victims that B & C Capital was "a bank," and that their assets were safe.
(3) Northland officers personally knew Ryan Bateman, as well as Sharon Lexa Lamb, the operators of the scam.

We shall continue to unravel the complexities of the Canadian origins of the Cayman Gang of Four scandal. Derek Buntain and Ryan Bateman have disappeared, and their current whereabouts are unknown. Sharon Lexa Lamb is in hiding somewhere; she is not longer seen in the Cayman Islands. Two burly armed bodyguards sit in the tiny office of B & Capital Ltd., in Grand Cayman, for some unknown purpose. Two civil suits have been filed in Canada, and more are expected.



  1. The victims are cheering and are confident that the Cayman Gang and their USA and Canada partners will serve a long period of time in prison. Monday is a day of justice in Canada

  2. How come no one has sued Northland in Canada or are they too powerful Mr. Rijock even for you?


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